The moment that inspired me to create this brand is not one I would have ever guessed would turn into a business. It was mid-pandemic, I had just showered, and decided for the first time to wear a robe to lounge around at home. Wearing that robe made me feel so luxurious, and I immediately discovered the power of looking and feeling my best, even if it was in my own home.


There was something about wearing a robe that caused my feminine energy to reach a new level. I danced around my home, was passionate and motivated going into the day, and I felt so sexy and feminine. 


It was then that I decided every woman should experience that feeling, and I envisioned wearing a robe that was not only luxurious but breathtakingly beautiful. I got to work, designing a brand that brings that sensational feeling to life for women with pieces that perfectly accent our curves and bodies.


On Valentine's Day 2022, Solistawear was officially launched and I've been extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share this brand all over the world. I am a firm believer that "when you look good, you feel good, and you do good", that is the mission of Solistawear.



Alexis Smith

Founder, Solistawear